Date: Saturday, April 25, 2009
Time: 9:30am - 5pm
Location: Grosse Pointe Woods Public Library (see venue)
Registration Fee: $5 USD/$7* CAD (Covers pizza/sub lunch)
Non-competitors are free to come and watch.

*USD preferred, but CDN accepted as well.  If paying in CDN, exact change is required. 


Q: How fast do I have to be to participate?
A: As long as you can solve within 10 minutes, you can participate.  If time isn't an issue, then everyone should be able to complete an average of 5 for most events.

Q: This is my first competition, is there anything I should know?
A: I'd look over the regulations, especially the first few sections that talk about procedures. 

Q: Is it okay if I come even if I didn't preregister?
A: While we would like it if you do preregister, we will welcome all on the morning of the competition.  Even if you're not sure of the events you will do yet, you can always change the day of the competition, registration is more of a head count than anything.

Q: Will the merchandise listed on the CanadianCUBING website be avaliable for purchase?
A: No, due to issues with customs, CanadianCUBING merchandise will not be sold at the Motor City Open.

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